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Drum lessons Dunbalne

In April 2018 we opened the doors to our new drum studio, a stone's throw away from Stirling railway station and the city centre.

The aim was to create a comfortable and inspiring learning environment with a wide range of professional equipment including acoustic drum kits, hand made cymbals, practice pads and hardware, far removed from the rickety old drum kits held together by gaffer tape that we and so many other drummers regularly encountered in many drum lessons. 

Our teaching room is set up so that both student and teacher have their own drum kit, music stand and practice pad. Installed in the studio is a PA system that really makes playing along to songs and backing tracks feel like you are playing along with a live band. Don't worry, we provide earplugs and defenders to all our students!  

We believe that part of learning your experience should focus on knowledge of the instrument. 

Our extensive collection of drum kits, cymbals and snare drums allows for students to play and learn first hand the difference

between vintage and modern drums, metal vs wooden snare drums, coated vs clear drum heads and

 more gear related topics that we love to geek out on. 

The new studios are amazing. Sam is the best teacher you could find - patient, inspiring and keen to focus on everyone as an individual. Lessons are fun and tailored to what YOU want to learn."

As well as the main teaching studio we have a comfortable waiting room with sofas, a coffee machine and a window into the main teaching room. 


There is plenty of free parking on site as well as supermarkets and home stores all within a two minute walk from our studio. Perfect for getting some shopping done if you are dropping your drummer off for a lesson and looking to fill some time. 

"Great studios. Sam is a brilliant teacher: patient, encouraging and prepared to work with YOU to develop your skills in the direction you want to take them. Lessons are always fun and geared towards the individual."

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