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We work with a wide range of drummers, all with different aims, ambitions and playing experience.

Our lessons are tailored to each individual regardless of age or ability whilst incorporating a structured approach to developing and progressing behind the kit.


Since 2011 we have worked alongside leading educational institutions RSL Rockschool and Trinity College London and proudly maintain a 100% pass rate for all students taking music exams grade 1-8.


Our teaching room includes a wide range of acoustic drums and hand made cymbals, electronic drum kits, practice pads and recording/video facilities that help provide each student with a stimulating and comfortable learning environment. 


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B E G I N N E R   D R U M   L E S S O N S

O N E    D A Y   O R   D A Y   O N E ?

"I came to drumming later than most and I feel like Sam is just the perfect teacher to make you feel at ease and his passion is infectious! His patience and bespoke lessons allow anyone to flourish and become a great drummer! Brilliant guy, brilliant teacher, brilliant drummer!"


We welcome drummers aged 7 and up and offer face to face lessons in our studio or online lessons from the comfort of your own home. 


Working with beginner drummers is something we specialise in, have a lot of experience with and really enjoy. 

If you are new to drums we will get you set up and playing in no time whilst avoiding any bad habits.  


Using the music you love we will take time to build a customised plan that focuses on your goals and ambitions whilst building a core foundation in the fundamentals of drumming. 

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M U S I C   E X A M S   &   G R A D E S


The age-old question: Should I take music exams? The exam structure is not for everyone and is never forced upon our students. Whilst there is more to being a good musician than simply learning how to pass an exam we believe the exam structure offers many advantages to students who wish to take them. 

  • Accredited certification A certificate of your achievement – good for the CV or personal statement.

  • External assessment Appraisal by professionals other than your private drum tutor.

  • Monitoring progress Know what level you’ve achieved compared to the grade criteria.

  • Working to a deadline Completing the study material and being ready for the exam date.

  • UCAS points Grades 6-8 award additional UCAS points for applying to university.

 We offer three different exam boards at Stirling Drum Tuition. Each provides a clear and concise path through beginner, intermediate and advanced drumming in their own unique style and discipline. See below to find out more.  

We proudly maintain a 100% pass rate for all students taking music exams grade 1-8 and over the years have proudly helped countless drummers succeed with each exam.

W H I C H    E X A M    I S    B E S T    F O R    M E ? 

"Sam has been a gift of a teacher to my Autistic son. Visiting the music studio is the highlight of his week, and he has made fantastic progression through his grade exams in a relatively short space of time. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a drum teacher in and around the Stirling area."

T R I N I T Y   R O C K   &   P O P 

Aimed at the Rock & Pop Drummer. Performance is at the heart of this exam. This is the most popular exam route for our students and because we are a certified exam centre can be taken from the comfort of our studio.


The Rock & Pop grades use real commercial songs in their exams – meaning you are examined on some of the greatest songs to learn and play on the drums. 


The tracklist features a wide range of songs spanning all contemporary styles, including The Beatles, Nirvana, Amy Winehouse and Motown classics to name a few. 

R S L   R O C K S C H O O L 


Another popular exam route with our students is RSL Rockschool. These exams focus on Rock as the name suggests. As you progress through the material a wider choice of musical styles such as funk, samba, blues and jazz are also encouraged giving the student a broad understanding of different genres and playing environments.  

Alongside the students chosen 3 pieces for the exam, there is also technical work,  sight-reading or improvisation and supporting tests for grades 1 - 8.

T R I N I T Y   D R U M K I T

The most recent addition to our graded exam offerings. The Trinity Drum Kit Grades are more traditional in

approach to music exams and come under Trinity’s Percussion syllabus.


Here we have an emphasis on rudimental drumming and playing styles that include Big Band, Jazz, Swing and Musical Theatre. A great challenge for the student looking to take their playing and reading to a high standard that would prepare well for higher education. 

As with the Rock & Pop syllabus, we are registered as an exam centre and can be taken from our studio. 

G R O U P   D R U M    L E S S O N S   

GROUP 1_edited.jpg

"Sam is the best teacher you could find - patient, inspiring and keen to focus on everyone as an individual. Lessons are fun and tailored to what YOU want to learn."

Our group lessons are a perfect introduction to drums and are ideal for complete beginners.

Lessons focus on an engaging and fun approach to learning in an encouraging and supportive environment with others. 


 We deliver lessons in small groups of up to 4 studentsEach student will receive a copy of our carefully crafted "introduction to drums" course that will progress from complete novice to playing along along to popular songs in no time. 

Each lesson students have their own practice kit to work on and are encouraged to take turns on one of our acoustic drum kits. 

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